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By dunny
Hi all,

My PA28 could do with tidying up inside and in particular the interior cloth trim (door cards etc) needs attention.

Would anyone have a recommendation for the types of materials that are most appropriate??


By cockney steve
AIUI, Fire- resistance is most important. Pure wool cloth such as Tweed falls into this category, being, I think, self-extinguishing. Leather has the same characteristics. Plenty of synthetics and Cotton-based fabrics are treated to be fire-resistant, but it's likely you'd need a manufacturer's written certification to get your choice approved.

In May 1979, a major fire broke out in Woolworths store, Piccadilly, Manchester. Toxic smoke and fumes from burning soft-furnishings killed many trapped people.
As a consequence, Laws were enacted to ensure that upholstery foam and coverings are fire-resistant (and, IIRC, -self extinguishing. )

There are trimmers specialising in aircraft work, who are fully conversant with the requirements, but I got the impression you wanted to DIY.