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By Boxkite
Are traditional Constant-Speed governors on piston engines set up to go no faster than the red-line speed?
Or is it normal for the engine speed (when set to fully fine) to nudge beyond the red-line by, say, 150RPM on take-off requiring the lever to be pulled back a touch on climb out for example?
Mine is setup so that when you set "max rpm" at take off it wont go above red line. It will also modulate so if doing aerobatics it will keep the RPM below the red line (its possible, if I try hard (point down hill with power on), to nudge and perhaps just go over the line, so I do aeros at a slightly lower RPM set to mitigate this risk and safe some fuel).

You do want max RPM (power) out of an engine during the take off run, and the prop to default to fully fine with max RPM available on a constant speed unit failure, and electric variable pitch units are much slower at regulating RPM than oil based units, so there is some variability.
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