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Just in-case there may be another engineer on the forum who has a K3008 distributor gear, for Slick 4370 series mags, in stock they might sell or or lend to me until Adams have them back in stock, as my Magneto inspection has grounded our aircraft due to a failure of the electrode on the gear and needs replacing - but no-one has it in stock at the moment.

Thankyou Peter - sadly I did go down this route but with $172 - $193 international Shipping its a little prohibitive for a PtF aeroplane used for leisure.

I suspect since the AD/SB for this problem that engineers have bought up the supplies since there are an awful lot of aircraft with these faulty parts fitted & 2 per aircraft and was hoping that someone with stock may have lent/sold me one to save waiting for Adams.

I might still be lucky ;-)
Sorry, I always associate 'AOG' with revenue-earning aircraft sitting loosing their owners money...

Don't know what lead time Adams are quoting but if you get lucky, stuff orderd from Spruce via LAS can sometimes arrive in a couple of days. (just put the Sprice part number into the LAS webpage).

Best to ring LAS and see when they next have a consignment coming from the USA.

Your part is listed on the LAS website at £119 +vat (which of course is an outrageous price for a £2 plastic gear with a 50p brass strip).

We get a fiar bit of stuff like this from the USA via our professional pilot friends on USA trips.
Thanks Peter - no, in this case Aircraft On Ground is just a PtF aircraft whose owner should have anticipated that simply changing the points and other normal stuff in the mags would not cater for any damage found inside :-((

So only myself to blame but the original SB only mentioned this as applicable from 2008 onwards and mine fell out of the range by a couple of years , and yet , is afflicted with exactly the fault they describe.

I suppose the only silver lining to this cloud is that the weather is a bit carp for flying at the moment so hopefully will get the part within a coupla weeks and be back in the air soon.