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Well could you post what you think you know because its obvious it isn’t obvious.

I know of aircraft on the SDMP that are used for flying instruction and the maintenance company is adamant that’s OK

Conversely I know of a different maintenance company and they are adamant that all aircraft used for instruction have to stay on LAMP.
By the end of this year, all EASA aircraft used for flight training must be on an AMP (Approved Maintenance Programme). LAMP is permitted until then, but SDMP is only for private use, not including flight training.

For most aircraft flying more than 100 hours per year, the 50/150/Annual LAMP sequence costs less than the 50 and Annual-every-100hr checks which an AMP mandates in order to comply with the Part-M MIP (Minimum Inspection Programme), which must also form the basis of any SDMP.
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After much scrutiny of EASA's publications, in short we are led to believe that it is entirely legitimate for a DTO's aircraft to be on SDMPs with MIP provide that the DTO is a member-controlled organisation, which removes it from the "commercial" sector.
Can anyone disprove that please?