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By johnm
We're finding it hard to find a suitable supplier at the moment. In the past we've had one rebuilt at Arrow Aviation Exeter, but they don't do that anymore, no go at Saywells, so we're now in negotiation with Adams Aviation and have a price and await lead time.

If anyone knows of anywhere else we might find one here or in the US please let us know. Tks :thumright:
These folks : can either overhaul your own pump or exchange.
FAA & EASA repair station.

I’ve used both their overhaul service and bought their own brand pumps - which seem to be cheaper than overhauling some of the old Dukes/Wheldon pumps.

Their own pumps are rated for constant duty, whereas some of the original Dukes/Wheldon aren’t - not particularly good if that pump is the only thing keeping the engine running due to engine driven pump failure.
By johnm
Interesting, there were mixed reviews of their service on the Socata forums but on this recommendation I will take another look, thanks.