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Opened SD on my pc yesterday and again this morning and the right hand tabs for Warnings, Notams etc and the Virtual Radar at the bottom of the screen are all missing. Haven't made any changes to settings. Have plotted a local route with known Notams and nothing has appeared. Uninstalled and reinstalled SD but nothing has appeared warning or tab wise and still no virtual radar. No settings changes to the pc have been made either.

Seems to be ok on the tablet I use for flying but all rather mystifying. Any ideas anyone? Have posted on SD forum yesterday but no replies as yet.
There are 2 pins top right of the windows for tabs and virtual radar which do "autohide", you haven't got that on somehow have you? Try opening a route and see if they appear.
I can't remember how many years I have been using SD, but I have never, until today, seen those little tabs at top right. Only by playing with the pin (arrowed) did they appear. Every day is a schoolday.

ImageSD Temp 2 by Rob, on Flickr

Rob P