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By kissinger
I have a plansbuild HAPI Cygnet in the "nacked" Stadium and have to do a load test. For this and for Registration it is necessary to have the calculation about the loads and their distribution. It would be very ambitious and expensive to do these calculations from ground up.
Can anyone help me out with these data? Thanks.
I assume "nacked" Stadium = Naked state :-)

That's not an easy one. I doubt the data is published and in the first instance, I would speak to the designer. Failing that the authority that will be approving your aircraft.
The Cygnet is an American design and, unless it has been certified at some point, there may not be any formal reports.

My guess is you are not in the UK, where a design one approved by the LAA and built in accordance with the plans (plus LAA supplements), would not require and further load testing. I know Germany does require it for all home builts. The Cygnet is already approved in the UK.