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Hi all,
I've been developing some ‘standardize’ briefings for myself recently to support the likes of pre-takeoff, approach, etc which I'd be interested in getting some feedback on. I've been gradually fine-tuning and refining during various flights out in my club's C152’s and PA-28's. My briefing card for each type of aircraft is attached.

As some background info, during my initial training (and ever since really), I've always gone through the typical pre-departure/hold point checks like ‘Lights, Camera, Action' or, as I was taught, ‘ATPL’ (Approach Clear, Transponder On, Pitot heat if required, Lights On). However, these always seemed a bit ‘weak’ to me; like they were not really preparing you for next phase of flight ahead or helping you ‘think it through’ before it actually happens.

I know the commercial world have briefed take-off, departure, arrival, etc for a long time in order add a layer of fore-thought and preparation for the next phase of flight. Therefore, I wanted to capture some of that learning and apply it to my GA flying. I’ve had a search around on Google and various forums but nothing really seems to exist out there for this type of thing in GA, so I thought that I would develop my own. I’ve had some positive comments from other club pilots who have seen them so thought I would share them here in case they are useful to others.

With regards to how I use them in the real world, anything in black bold typeface is intended to be a ‘delete as required’ style of option. I’ve got mine laminated so I just mark through them with a permanent marker then clean it off after the flight; same for info I’ve written in the areas marked ‘_______’. Most of these areas can be completed in the pilots lounge area or in the aircraft before startup, once you’ve gathered the ATIS, weather, runway info, etc. Therefore, minimising distraction when you’re moving in the aircraft.

I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts, options, suggestions, etc.

You’re more than welcome to use them in their current format, although they may get updated again soon based on any feedback received in this forum thread.

If you do find them useful, I’m not looking for any payment but I thought it may be nice to provide an option for people to make a small donation towards a flying based charity instead if they wanted to. My usual choice is my local air ambulance (which also operates a children’s air ambulance). What do you think? I could set up a briefings ‘just giving’ page if people think that it’s a useful / worthwhile idea.

Thanks all,

p.s. I can imagine that I may be starting a whole discussion of disagreement with using briefings for GA though! With responses possibly falling into one of two 'camps’....i.e. either being considered ‘good practice’ from one half of the readers through to ‘it’s complete overkill, you’re not flying a 737, etc, etc’ from the other half!...Still, let's see what happens. :D