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I've sent this query to funke tech support, but am hoping somebody here might have seen it before and can help.

I have a funke TRT800H-OLED Mode S transponder (SW Version 5.2 HW Version 6.0), and I am trying to access the SETUP function, following the Setup Procedure described at para. 4.5 of the Manual, and the unit is not responding as expected.

At para. 4.5.4 the procedure is described as:
    1. Start up transponder
    2. Ensure the transponder mode is "STBY"...
    3. Press "ID". A counter is shown at the upper right corner. Hold "ID" till "ENTER SETUP" is dispayed.
    4. After release of "ID" the first setup menu is displayed.

Strangely, the behaviour that I am experiencing is not as described at Step 3 or Step 4 above.

"ENTER SETUP" is never displayed. Instead, the counter at the upper right hand corner of the display cycles to 99 (actually "10!") and when I release the "ID" button (at any time) the display reverts initially to the "STBY" screen and then quickly to a screen with no number in the upper right, a 4 digit transponder setting in the normal selected position and - along the bottom row - a string of characters which are the ICAO Code, "21", and then the aircraft registration/Flight ID.

At that point I can change the Flight ID, but nothing else.

Has anybody seen this before? And ideally, can they advise how to solve my problem and allow me at access Setup?

Thanks in advance.

Edit: A further bit of info that I now realise may be required - and which actually might explain the issue.

The adaptor (connector and cable) I have is the "TRT800EM". It seems that this might be the culprit, as it may not provide full interface capability. That's annoying, and the correct cable is €145.00 plus P&P, plus a rewiring job. Grr.
I used to have one of those transponders and got into the set up. I don’t remember how but it will have been following the manual. I still have to old one, and the connecting wires. If it would help you would be welcome to borrow them. But I will want them back to sell the unit. I think you’re in the south west? I’m based at dunk.
Thanks, @GolfHotel - that's very kind. I'll see what funke have to say next week, but the more I read into it the more I think that I have the wrong connector/adaptor, which will be an expensive pain.

If I do, then sadly I don't think borrowing yours will help me (but I'll hold the offer in mind if I may, in case funke say something unexpected!)
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I believe it's quite a common design architecture for advanced avionics such as the Garmin G1000 - the easily replaced, highly complex (and thus failure prone) box is generic to all aircraft and all the aircraft specific configuration data is stored in a simple, almost failure proof box which stays with the aircraft. I think this is the first time I've heard of the technique being applied to a "simple" box like a transponder though.
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