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Hi, i'm looking for some feedback before we commit to further expense?
having purchased the Yaesu 750 Spirit to replace an old Microair radio whose reception quality is poor with an 8.33 portable transciever, the radio looks good with great functionality.
However we need a 2 person intercom to connect to it and with remote PTT.
Pilot sell a 2 person intercom with plug into side of the Yeasu, but it came with wrong plug, so sent it back and await news of one with the correct plug to try again.
In the meantime we have tried using a pilot pa 200 intercom which connects to the "supplied in the box" plug to connect one headset and use the PTT on the side of the radio.
Result.... we could transmit with all Fives but receiving was really low volume with all volumes turned to maximum. (Headset, intercom and radio volumes and squelch almost turned off).
Anyone had success with this Transciever and a 2 place intercom in a fairly noisy cockpit?
Or should we go back to the idea of a panel mounted 8.33?
Hope someone can advise? Rather be flying than messing with radios! But cant safely fly without!
Thanks Richardr
I have a Yaesu 550L with a Pilot intercom in a noisy cockpit. Generally have to have the volume up fairly high on the radio and about 3/4 on the intercom but flying solo so have no idea what the intercom is like person to person. Receiving E Mids and their contacts very clearly yesterday morning from 20+ miles away. Very happy with the radio and intercom set up. Only issue I have is engine interference.
Lynx do a powered interface/intercom that the radio will fit, via a dedicated connector-cable (about £40 ) It also has connections for power, audio in-out (2) PTT (2) and aux you can connect a music-source and a phone, I think
but then you'd need adaptors from the circular multipin Lynx headset sockets to the standard 2-jack system. (or Lynx headsets). There are 2 flying leads about a metre-long already fitted to the box, which is about the size of a fag-packet.
I think lynx do a bluetooth module as well.

I think Micro-Avionics do a very similar unit, see the Lynx setup on Ebay, quite often and the headsets. Lynx Intercom/interface seems to go for about £175... have seen them with 2 headsets for about 250 . .It may well be that the Yaesu interface is your problem try speaking to the intercom maker, it could be a known compatibility/fault issue.

worth a try before changing the lot!

I've handled both an Icom A24 and a Yaesu 750.... the latter strikes me as having superior build quality, a bigger,clearer display ,and easy to access "toys"(that you'll probably never use) and they are considerably cheaper....the icing on their cake is the lithium battery- Yes! Flyer did a write-up on it! Icom really seem to be playing "catch-up" at the moment, but they seemed to hold sway for years and the Yaesu does have oddball power-in requirements, ISTR, but also saw someone post that they wired it into a standard 12-volt supply , without issue.
I must get out more! :oops: