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By zhastaph
The database versions in my G1000 look like this


What does everyone else do about updating theirs?

I've been on Garmin's website and I've got slightly confused as it offers 3 choices;

Bundles / Annual Coverage / Single Updates

From what I understand, single updates cost a fortune and will be out of date again in about 2 months.

Annual coverage provides a year's worth of single updates ... ? but would have to be bought individually.

The bundles seem to be more sensibly priced, but it's not very clear, are they bundles of annual updates or bundles of single updates?

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By johnm
The critical issue is the navigation database that needs to be updated monthly. You may find that involves a subscription with Jeppesen the chart people so take a look at their website. Terrain and obstacles doesn't change much so doesn't regular updates, if you visit large commercial airports a lot a regular update of safe taxi might be wise.