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@MikeB's diversion and cylinder problem have got me thinking... I expect this is a very naive question, but to my chagrin I've never really thought about it before.

What's the process when an aircraft goes tech and can't be flown to its usual maintenance organisation?

Is the CAMO able to authorise someone else to do the fixing required? Do they send someone out? Does the aircraft have to be taken apart and trucked to the usual place of maintenance?

It all sounds like the ancillary costs of such work could mount up enormously. Does insurance usually cover these?

I imagine the same sort of considerations apply to the aftermath of a forced landing that isn't on an airfield.

Touch wood, I've never had to find out the hard way, but I can see that I ought to have a plan.

I shall be asking my maintenance people some questions next check, but what sort of questions should they be? Obviously 'what would we need to do if', but is there anything I should look out for?
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CAMO is a separate role to the person who actually fixes the aircraft. A CAMO organises and keeps paperwork. They could have relationships with many Part-145 organisations who actually do the maintenance.
Have a good chat with your CAMO so you know what to do in odd circumstances.

One aircraft in our club uses a maintenance organisation which is other side of the country, despite there being a local organisation available. When something happens that grounds them they discuss with their CAMO. Depending what it is, the CAMO agrees to let the local engineer to look rather than travel from the other side of the country.

If its a big bump the aircraft is the insurance company's anyway, but it makes sense to build up a relationship with your CAMO.
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Ok, information from the horses mouth is that you can get repairs undertaken locally provided your CAMO is satisfied with the ability of the engineers concerned, which ours says he will be provided they are Part 145 certified. Apparently they will send a "work pack" (£££££s no doubt!) authorising the work.

Seems eminently sensible and less hassle than I was anticipating.
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