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By Marvin
Not found anything on the forum search but this might apply to someone: ... -04-12.pdf


Some devices with the aforementioned serial numbers and software versions have shown the following error:
On 99 channels with 8.33 kHz separation the transmission frequency is one channel lower than indicated. Affected are the following channels:
xxx.860, xxx.885, xxx.910, xxx.935, xxx.940, xxx.960, xxx.965, xxx985, xxx.990
(xxx = 118 to 125) yyy.940, yyy.965, yyy.990 (yyy = 126 to 134)
E.g. when the channel 118.860 (118.8583 MHz) is set on the unit, the actual transmission frequency is on the next lower channel 118.855 (118.8500 MHz).