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4 inch diameter or thereabouts, may need some of these to access fuel tank connection points to replace fuel hoses. What is the correct term for these? Can’t see them on the LAS site. Thanks in advance.
That depends on your covering and paint. If you have a shiny 2-pack paint, I'd get more expert advice. If it's standard Polytone, clean up the area with MEK, roughen the ring surface and stick it on with Poly-tack and apply a fabric patch overlapping an inch or so. Wear a good mask if using MEK!

Download or get a copy of the Polyfiber manual.

Oratex is even easier. Stick on the ring with superglue and cover it with a glued on fabric patch.
Charles Hunt wrote:Thanks..BPAs link showed the rings as well. What adhesive do I use?

Sweetie, ask your inspector or mate with experience tom help/show you to get them put in.

There is nothing complicated about it but having been shown you know you get it right without running into trouble.
I have plenty of spare inspection rings, email me and remind me of address Charles.

In LA until Thursday, can post then

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By Rob L
Charles Hunt wrote:Thanks..BPAs link showed the rings as well. What adhesive do I use?

Charles, I'd strongly suggest you purchase the manual for the covering system that your aircraft has. It will give you lots of info like what you are asking.

Anyway, back to your question: If your aircraft is dacron-covered (i.e. not cotton or linen, which I know it's not!) then New Superseam or Poly-tak, diluted a little with MEK, will do. (New Superseam and Poly-tak are the same product).

But then you need to put a fabric reinforcing patch over the reinforcing ring!

Rob :D
Apologies, missed the offers or rings/plates above thanks for the generosity. However, on closer inspection, or rather when I started trying to cut with a Stanley knife, it turns out that I have aluminium sheet under the tanks, and fabric everywhere else.

Thankfully the aft take off point was reasonably close to the fuel drains so I could make a sensible guess where to drill a 2" hole to get access to remove the securing clip and the pipe on each side.

Now I've just got to decide where to drill the corresponding holes at the front...............