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By ChampChump
I am quoting a friend's query, as so far he has had no joy.

"VM 1000 has been installed in the Husky for 11 years with no problems.
Recently, the RPM indicator started to move back and forth for a time but subsequently sorted itself out - for a week or two - now I have no RPM indication at all.
Everything else works but the tacho side is stuck on "Engine operating hours" which do not update with the engine running.

Does anyone know anyone who can suggest a fix? My maintenance company have no real experience with this system."

Many thanks,

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By ChampChump
Tried that, thanks. Hoping for something this side of the pond, but continued googling suggests just searching for a good avionics person will be the answer.
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By Rob P
ChampChump wrote:... searching for a good avionics person will be the answer.

Good luck with that :shock:

Rob P
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By ChampChump
Many thanks. We had found that last link, but the other address will be passed on.

We've been recommended another, too, who might be able to help.

There should be a master plan in due course, I reckon - with no clockwork backup it Will Be Done. I have more faith than Rob :wink:

Thank you for the suggestions.