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By Wunzeroait
I am having problems adding an intercom to my Yaesu FTA-550.

When I connect the radio to the intercom the sound in both headsets goes very distorted and is often unintelligible when the engine is at cruise power, disconnected it's clear.

Also, when I transmit or use the pilot isolate switch there's a little improvement.

The radio communications are crystal clear when used with one of my two DC 10-60's straight into the radio.

I've tried a Flightcom 11sx and a Flighttech 401 intercom.

There is no information anywhere, I can find, that describes this problem.
I have emailed Yaesu and Flightcom but had no reply.

Has anyone had a similar issue and managed to resolve it?

I think the technical reason is that the Yaesu mic input impedance is very low at 150 ohms and it's loading the output of the intercom too much. I can simulate this by shorting the intercom output to ground.

I'm in the process of making a buffer amplifier to sit between the two but I can't believe that this is the only solution!

After weeks of research this is the combination I had decided on so a bit worried about the problems you are having. I know nothing about radios but a couple of thoughts

Are you using the supplied aerial or an external aerial and are you powering from the aircraft, if so can you try using batteries or try wiring direct to the battery?

Sorry if my answers are wide of the mark but there was nothing else forthcoming
Stevewarbs: The intercom is ok before I plug it in or transmit. As soon as I plug in the radio to the intercom the audio goes quiet and dull. The cockpit is quite loud so this just makes it more distorted.

Seanxair: That wasn't available when I bought my intercoms. That Pilot one is designed specifically for the Yaesu so should work fine. I could buy this one but I'm a bit reluctant to spend another £125 as I've already been through several headsets and combinations. Still might be the best answer in the end though.

Sooty25: Like I described above, it happens as soon as the mic jack is plugged into the Yaesu.

Thanks for your replies.