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By map5623
We have a 430 that has started to lose screen display at startup.
Radio works but obviously unable to select channels.
Anyone any experience of this or similar.
Also is there an avionics shop in the south that might be able to check it out, without an eyewater charge? This is run in an annex 2 aircraft.
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By A le Ron
There is no such thing as "without an eye water charge".
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By GrahamB
Be aware that if it is a 430 (i.e. not a 430W) and it has to go back to Garmin, they will automatically upgrade it to a ‘W’ whether you want it or not. It’s not cheap, and while you get a better box back, it may be better long term value to consider something else, especially if you are VFR only.

Bournemouth Avionics at Lee on Solent get good reports, but I have no idea if they can fix 430’s.
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By Dusty_B
Ask Mendelssohn. We had a GNS430 screen repaired a couple of months ago. Debate reigned over whether we should use the moment to upgrade to 430W, but in the end we just went with a repair. I'll let them come up with a personnal quote for you, but it was less than £900 inc VAT.