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Could somebody familiar with Lycoming engine documentation please help me find a part number reference from the Lycoming Parts Catalogue for an O-235-H2C engine?

The engine currently has a manifold pressure gauge fitted, and we wish our engineer to remove it and fit a blanking plug in place.

However I am struggling the reference for the plug (and any associated seal/gasket) in the linked document - likely due to unfamiliarity, or maybe just not looking hard enough.

Any pointers much appreciated.

It looks from page 6-7 of the referenced parts list to be a standard 1/8 NPT plug, probably AN932-2D ?

You could search "AN 1/8 NPT plug" on a search engine too, but you really need an ali one if going into an ali cylinder head.

Aircraft Spruce have them, so LAS should be able to source.


Edit: No seal or gasket, but NPT threads do not by design seal entirely on their own, so a tiny smear of Permatex or similar on a manifold thread would prevent any air leakage. (For NPT fuel fittings, use EZ-Turn [Fuel Lube as-was])
The aircraft is a modified Jodel, and part of the modification was to replace the original Potez engine with a Lycoming O-235 scavenged from a Grob 115 written off whilst parked following a ground collision.

The MP gauge was fitted by the chaps (Earl & Tim) who did the modification in order to provide a common reference when conducting a test programme to choose a suitable propellor for the engine/airframe combination and strip flying mission. The prop we have on now is pretty well chosen, so we don't use the gauge any longer.

We want to modify the panel to put in a Garmin G5, and wish to free up panel space to allow that.
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