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By NickS
I was given a pair some time ago but, whilst I can hear perfectly well, the microphone does not work. I tried it in several aircraft with the same result so I tried some basic faut-finding (continuity, loose wires, cleaned plugs) and, finding nothing, fitted a new microphone. The intercom etc works perfectly well with my H10-13.4. There doesn’t really seem to be much to go wrong. Any ideas what next?
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By Ian Melville
Both models use the same microphone, so is not a compatability issue. Unless your replacemnt mic also had the same fault, it most likely will be a headset wiring issue. You mentioned continuity, but did you also check for shorts? I would get the wiring diagram off the DC website and check it out again.
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By dont overfill
Shortly after I got mine (29 years ago), I noticed the rubber boom could be rotated in the plastic swivel. Only the wiring twisting was limiting the movement.

I would guess this may be the first place to look for a wiring fault. I cured mine with a spot of superglue.

I've tried Bose and Lightspeed but I prefer my DC's.