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Hi All,

I currently record my AUDIO line for my Flying VLOGS on YouTube. I have a fairly priced Zoom Recorder, but it's limited to 32GB and thus recording quality for multiple trips.

I am looking at something that can record via line in from the airplane and also using an external clip on microphone or in the future also a portable microphone for running commentary.

I also have really bad microphone popping, any ideas if this is indeed that or static from the cables getting tangled? See my Gatwick video or my Stapleford to Cambridge for a really good (Terrible) example.

Any suggestions would be great!!
One simple way to achieve this is to use a miniature mic and place it inside the ear cup of your headset. Then as you talk, everything is picked up by the intercom, played in your headset and picked up by the mic.

This has the advantage that a) the engine noise has been removed by your noise cancelling headset, you get the radio and your discussion with your pax - and the recording is very clear.