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By Charles Hunt
Watch temperatures, obviously; but

What oils have people used in U.K. Conditions with success?

Who is the recommended supplier for filters etc.?

Anything else I should know?
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By trevs99uk
I have a Jabiru on my X,air microlight and have never had a problem with it.

I was told not to modicolli the engine.
I have mainly used unleaded fuel from a local tesco,s or shell petrol station.
I found that keeping the engine oil on the bottom limit on the dipstick works best as the engine seems to dump anything over that out the breather pipe.

As the engine is out in the open temps are always low and in winter it can be hard to get the temps up at all.
If your engine is enclosed make sure it's getting a good airflow around the cylinders.

Filters i tend to get from Halfords. There are several manufacturers filter that fit but i go for the better known manufacturers one.

I had a rotor come loose and have now glued the new one on.

I have a couple of very slight weepy oil drips around the engine but that seems to standard with the Jabiru engine.

Thanks Trevor.

Interesting general point, at least in your a/c the engine sits reasonably level, whereas in a tailwheel aircraft heaven only knows where the 'true' reading should be taken, with the tail wheel down, if the dipstick is towards the front of the engine you will get a false low, and vice versa.

Information from GtE is that uncowled engines (as yours) tend not to suffer cooling issues.

PS, rotor = arm or propellor?
Thank you both. From the dimensions and thread type and diameter I found on line, I found the Mann site and the only thing that came up was the Mann W68/3 and I was able to get one from Euro Car Parts , so good to go.