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Well, my set just arrived. First impressions are good. The headset (not inc the breakout box) tips the scales at under 320g, so significantly lighter than the non-carbon older designs. It's comfortable too, but I won't know much more until I go flying on Monday.

I'm not best place to do a credible review as I am only 6 hours into my PPL, but my instructor is interested in getting a set to replace his sennheisers and we should be able to directly compare them to the passive David Clarke set I've been using until now.
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By EdH
There's a test of the non-ANR SH40-10 in the Summer 2018 issue of FLYER - I thought the use of carbon fibre might be more visual benefit than a significant weight saving, but it's definitely worth it. The build quality is impressive too.

The carbon headset chassis with SEHT's ANR tech (that we trialled with the SH30-75 a year ago) probably makes for a good combo. I'll try and get one to test.
After a few trips, I can say the SEHT headset is pretty good. Light, comfortable, good passive noise reduction and the ANR is a big improvement on top. Audio quality for music is not that great - it sounds a bit like you're listening to your tunes over a landline. Still, it's nice to have a bit of ambient music on a solo flight when there's not much chatter on the radio. I haven't tested it for bluetooth calling yet, but I can see it being a useful alternative to asking the tower to call me a cab :lol:
I bought the SH40-60 model a few weeks ago and I'm very pleased with them having done two return trips now.

They are the carbon-fibre shell version but without the Bluetooth input, which I felt I didn't need and added £100 to the price. The light weight compared to my old Flightcom 4DLX can be felt just picking them up and they feel more comfortable after a 1hr+ flight.

The ANR is good at taking out low frequencies but less so at higher frequencies, so the tone of the noise changes. Nonetheless there is a significant drop in noise level when switching the ANR on and we can have the radio at a lower volume as a result.

My flying partner uses DC's ANR headset and there are no compatibility problems. Too early to comment on battery life yet. I ordered from the SEHT website and they arrived in a few days. Nice to see a small UK company doing a good product at significantly less than the big boys. :thumleft:

(and no I've not been paid to say any of that!)
Cantabrigan wrote:but without the Bluetooth input, which I felt I didn't need and added £100 to the price

Are you sure that's the only difference? I was under the impression the 40-60 had the same ANR as the 30-60, whereas the 40-80 had the same as the 30-75. The 30-75 ANR is much better than that in the 30-60.
I bought a pair of the base model when my Bose died. I had a crackling mic which was sorted with better service than Bose, so no complaints there.

I changed to gel seals as with glasses they work much better than the leatherette type. I have a Bose A20 and a SEHT and I use the SEHT as its more rugged then the Bose.
I was going to buy a DC, but if somebody bought me a pair as a present, I wouldn't be disappointed, they are better than the base models transair etc sell.
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