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I reckon, like with most things, the catch is that they don't have the DC "brand"; they don't have the known quantity of what you're getting, the green earcups or the many years of famous aviation service behind them.

It's not just about how good a product is, it's about the reputation of the company in the market.

Lightspeed started with ANR headsets in the £300ish region and developed a reputation and experience from there, allowing them to now price their headsets to be in competition with Bose. I still have my original Lightspeed 20K ANR headset.
By Thumper
Have wondered about the weight issue.

Also agree you get a known brand with DC; I'm Stateside in October so may buy them if there is a decent enough saving but given I only fly max 50 hours a year, saving £300 on a pair buys one or two litres of fuel!
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By EdH
As Paul pointed out, SEHT aren't one of the big names, but with the 30-75 they have a decent product with solid performance. They have a no-quibble buy and try refund policy, so if you find it's not for you, just return it.

For that price point, as I mentioned in my review, it's hard to fault.
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I was just about to buy a SH40-80 set (carbon fibre, ANR, Bluetooth) as they seem to be broadly equivalent to the Bose A20 for half the money. In an attempt to save a bit more, I was hoping to get them shipped to Jersey and avoid the VAT - but then learned that SEHT are not VAT registered!

This would imply their turnover is under 80k per year, which has implications for the value of the 5 year warranty (such a small company may not be around when you need to make a claim). They can't be shifting high volumes either - probably under 200 headsets per year.

However it also means that as they grow, expect their prices to go up by 20%.

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By Sooty25
Has anybody compared the physical size of the ear cups to DC's?

I'm thinking for use with flying helmets, getting DC compatible cloth/leather helmets is easy, if the SEHT are a different size it rules that out.

VAT issue and units sold. I'm guessing this is a sideline business for someone, in a small, niche market. 200 units a year might just be how big it will ever be, but you shouldn't hold that against them. Lots of small, independent coffee shops do better coffee, with better service than Starbucks!
Hi all

I am Simon and the MD of SEHT, I saw this post and thought it about time I said Hi.

I started the company a few years ago as I was disillusioned and very annoyed what the so called "Big Boys" were offering the industry and above all what they were charging and what service they were giving back. SEHT's whole ethos is to offer the industry a quality product for a believeable price for what really is inside and to offer customers a level of personal support and service that cannot be offered by larger companies. We will always remain approachable, honest and above all genuine.

Due to the way we run our business we have been able to avoid the VAT threshold until now and all our customers can benefit as a result. However due to huge success these times can't continue and we will hit the VAT threshold in next couple of months and hence a 20% price rise will unfortunately follow.

All companies have to start somewhere and due to good management and fantastic products we are on a great footing and here to stay.

See us and try our range of headsets at Aero Expo next week Stand A14
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