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By ikcarusflyer
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Is there anybody in the UK producing fibreglass type wheel spats? I'm in need of a set to go over a larger than standard wheel!
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By Genghis the Engineer
It's quite a big and expensive task in GRP, because you have to make a master, then a mould from that, and then the actual spats. So, unless they are serving an aircraft that's already using those big spats, the answer is almost certainly no.

I think I'd be looking to American firms making bushplanes of one sort or another. Or, if you have your own design, talk to one of the UK's several very competent canoe manufacturers.

Alternately, one-offs are much much cheaper to make in light alloy (aluminium to you), and if you can design it, or find somebody competent to, many manufacturers and maintenance / restoration shops probably have the ability to make them for you.

By Boxkite
Someone on AFORS is advertising that they are capable of making various wheel spats (but are not based in the UK I believe).