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By Fellsteruk

Hoping to have a couple hours on a Turbo Arrow before Xmas, has landing gear and wobble prop.

Aside from the POH what’s good to read to get better knowledge on the ground to save time in the air?

Remember all calls to air traffic MUST include "Golf-xxxx, PA28, R" :wink:

A pause for emphasis before the "R" is optional.

Rob P
Rob P wrote:Remember all calls to air traffic MUST include "Golf-xxxx, PA28, R" :wink:

A pause for emphasis before the "R" is optional.

Rob P

“….. ROMEO” :D I take it your jesting?

However I guess it would just be R as you just say PA28 ?
It was originally pointed out by one of the (then) resident ATCOs, but believe it or not people actually do this. I heard it yet again on a recent trip to Skegness.

Rob P
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To be serious, momentarily...

C/S prop - it is a gearbox. 1st for takeoff, then up through the gears to cruise etc. You set the rpm, the manifold presuure now becomes your 'power meter' - a bit like an ecomomy meter on a car.

On arrival, consider the location, noise abatement and performance requirements before going full fine..... I so hate it when people come into the overhead and set fine - just 'cos the book says so..... Use discretion, come into the circuit at cruise rpm, slooooowly bring the prop up on final when at low power. Kinder to the ears and the motor.

Turbo - on start - no rpm above 1,000 for the first 2 mins. Pull the mixture by all means to stop plugs fouling, but give the engine time to warm through. Any turbo engine is getting a quart out of a pint pot - treat it gently.

Absolutely no sudden throttle movements - power on on the roll to a slow count of 3.

Consider power settings as climb, cruise, descent and you will extend the engine life, they like stable operations.

On descent, leave cruise power initially and gradually bring the MP back as temps slowly reduce - enjoy the speed !!!!!

On taxi in, make sure it has had at least 3 mins to thermally stabilise - the lubrication of the turbo is quite a challenge, so let it rest a while before shut down and no thrashing around on the apron before shut down :mrgreen:

Oh - and don't forget to put the gear down or you leave marks on the runway which causes everyone else at a northern airfield to titter :pirat:
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