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Can someone give me a part number for this please? It is the cork gasket from the top of a mechanical fuel pump on the Continental O-200 engine in my permit Bolkow Junior. It may possibly be AF6160PK which I can order from LAS in batches of 10, but there is no picture on the website and I don't want 10 unusable gaskets..

PS& If anyone has a stock can I buy one from you?
I agree with AF6160PK as the part number, and I got mine some years ago from the US when they weren't readily available in the UK. As part of the annual Permit inspection I remove the fuel pump cap and check for contaminants and corrosion - and always replace the gasket. After 1 year the old gasket is hard and you risk stripping the thread in the pump body by overtightening; a new soft gasket allows careful tightening to the required torque. Also I have several times seen fuel weeping from a pump because of a tired gasket. Buy a pack of 10 - a bargain at around £1 each, and you're set up for the next 10 years!
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Thanks all. I now have some on back order from LAS as p/n 643915.
Another question. My fuel pump does not have a fibre washer on the top bolt. This is apparently part 643914 or AF-766. Neither seem available in the UK at the moment. Do you use them? If so where did you get them. Is there an alternative?

Edit. Disregard. I have found a supplier!