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Hi John

Sorry I don't know

What I do know is that you can go onto the rotax website and select 'technical documentation' and search the IPC for rotax 912iS...I believe that you will find some useful information there - hopefully find exactly what you need

By Aerials
Do you have a picture of the connector or a weblink to a picture elsewhere? (Very well worth the thousand words you'd use to describe it in answer to my other questions I would otherwise ask!)
By Aerials
I'm sorry John but that's a connector that I have never seen before. Have you tried CFS Aero? Once a type name and connector manufacturer names are known, it's easier to track one down. Another suggestion is to find the name of the pump manufacturer and go from there.
Sorry it's not much help but I'm glad you got a (fleeting) picture of it so we can all see what it looks like.
By Mutley
A bit late to this one .... but it's quite possibly a Delphi automotive 2-pin connector (the oil pressure sender connector is a Delphi one). The only problem is that there are loads of different ones. If you have got one of the connectors you could look on the RS website and try to find a match.
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