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Following a gear collapse we are looking what to do, engine was at idle with a wooden prop that only just hit the ground but will obviously need shock load inspection or replacement, just wondering what peoples experience on this is?
You can be lucky or not!
I've heard of 360s which have passed shock inspections, others which need entirely replaced (I know one group who had a prop strike during landing on a PA28 with a relatively high time engine, who got new engine via insurance company out of it so are quite happy with their prop strike!).
Whatever happens it will be a complete stripdown to inspect the crankshaft. Assuming that is OK, You then have to decide how to proceed on the rebuild with regard new vs used parts.

Usually the insurers will pay for labour but ( in the absence of betterment cover) will look for pro rata contribution toward the cost of replacement parts on the basis of life remaining on discarded items.