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I’m prepping myself for a crack at a PPL as soon as the schools open and was looking at headphones. Having a set of Bose QC35 sitting doing nothing i thought I might try one of kits available to covert them into a set phones for the plane

Anyone any experience of anything like uflymike or their competitors?
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By PaulSS
They work okay, according to the people I've flown with who use them. Being sat next to them is not so great as they seem to have a really low sidetone; meaning they're quite difficult to hear from the other seat when they talk to ATC. I don't think ATC have any trouble hearing them.
Interesting. I’ll keep an eye on eBay. Worth a punt I think. A mate of mine in the states might send me his ufkymike which he doesn’t use any longer. I rarely use the Bose day to day, so it would be good to get some value out of them.
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By Rob P
I had Uflymike on Bose QC2 and they worked very well. The one drawback was that dead batteries left you with no comms. This may have been sorted in later iterations.

Good after-sales from Ufly also, very responsive, nothing too much trouble.

Rob P
That’s handy to know. I think I recall that the QC35 continues to work without NC when the battery fails but I’ll check. Good news overall though.

By Chipmunk69
I bought a Crystal Mic kit from Amazon UK. It works very well with my Bose QC 35s. it still works if you switch the power off, but noise attenuation is not great when switched off as passive noise reduction is fairly low.