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By Monty M.
Hi there,
I am just starting to build a scale PA28 Simulator but can't find any measurements anywhere. I would be really grateful if someone could measure the width of the instrument panel on a PA28 from widest point to widest point.
Thanks so much

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By Irv Lee
We once had to refund a young Dutch guy a trial lesson in a PA28-140 - not width, but would have needed front seat taking out and him sitting in the back. Also, I once (and I really started sweating wondering what I was going to say), had a classic Blackpool postcard couple but both in early 20s - lanky guy buying birthday lesson for short very spherical wife. Also in a PA28-140. Five minutes, at least, of her trying to find a 'path' for the inertia seat belt that would also 'plug in' to the fixed end, trying different seat positions too.... with me having to add advice about what to try next, and just about to have the task of abandoning the flight when finally sufficient body valleys were found to secure the lady... such a relief, I really didn't know what I was going to say.
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By Fellsteruk
Irv that did make me laugh, thankfully I’m not that big but I am around 19/20st and 6ft4 my weight doesn’t pose a big challenge thankfully it’s reducing, but trying to get my legs in and then out the way I remember the first time I was like does the seat go back “it’s all the way back” oh right...