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By Murgatroyd
I’ve had intermittent (rare) electrical failure of the pitot heater, twice landing light, charging socket now not working, and last week my panel lights took many attempts to switch on when I needed them.
I’m convinced it’s the switch panel. As a basic process of elimination, I’m happy to get this switch panel (all of them) changed out.

Anyone know where can I obtain a replacement?

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By Murgatroyd
:) I’m going to have to take a looksee. I had initially thought for the sake of a a hundred pounds or so, while I was in there I’d just change out the panel switches. Checking and proving connections is definitely the right thing to do.
Will simply have to make time for proving good terminations. I’ll do this and treat as a practice run if I need to changeover panel switches.
Next question will be where can I get a wiring diagram?
Pity Haynes didn’t extend to diy PA28s. Or did they... :wink:
By Gas Guzzler
Best of luck with that, changing the switches on a PA28 is probably the worst of any job on that aircraft. There is a wiring loom immediately behind it which needs to be moved, in doing so you will probably disturb something else as well. My fuel gauge has developed an intermittent connection and the same problem applies, total nightmare. As for spare parts, try Paul Nalson in Caterham, I'm sure he'll have one.
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By Murgatroyd
Yep. A bit of a nightmare of a task. I have however found the issue. The spade crimp connection to the electric ‘bus’ that links all the switches is showing signs of overheating. A quick wiggle and it’s got contact again and my panel lights are working. It looks like I can actually remove these switches from the front. If I could just remove that flimsy plastic cover without damage.

I’m confident with a re-tension of the crimp and clean up of connections it will be fine. I’ll enquire with the local tech as I really don’t fancy a strip out of the full panel. Not today anyway.
Hopefully not needing replacement. But if it’s a day to strip, the switches will be getting replaced.
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It was a bit of a job indeed.
The transponder and dme along with their cage were removed with relative ease, the plastic trim removed without breaking was encouraging. I removed the p2 seat to get below which let me see what I wanted to repair.
Slack connection and burnt cabling confirmed on the pitot heater switch. Removed, cleaned, placed back on.
All working fine. Five hours and very satisfying job done. A 3/32 Allen key to remove equipment.
I would recommend a fine small angled ratchet as a fixed angled driver would have made this a six hour task.
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