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By JonnyS
Hi, looking for somewhere that I can fly to locally and drop the aircraft off for a 500hr Slick impulse mag inspection. Can anybody recommend any engine shops at Staverton or Oxford Kidlington? RGV at Glos have had to push my booking back by 6 weeks as they're so busy.

Worst case I'll take it off myself and drop it at Ronaldson Airmotive in Oxford.
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By Trent772
Unless there is anything wrong with them, carry on flying, it is only a Service Bulletin, therefore a recommendation.

Discussed almost as much as primer :pirat:
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By Rob L
Trent772 wrote:Unless there is anything wrong with them, carry on flying, ....

Please be careful, Trent, with that kind of advice :roll:

To the OP:

Take them off and deliver them yourself to your chosen inspection place. Then upon return get the local Engineer/etc to reinstall and re-time in accordance with the aircraft CofA/Ptf in effect.

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By Trent772
Wise Engineers better than I have re iterated this on many an occasion.

It is a recommendation, not an instruction.