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thegasguy wrote:...I'm intrigued by the idea of audio, I agree heads- down is counter productive.
A variable tone similar to glider varios use would work well , although I used to find that it was blooming irritating.
For me, it would have to be used on final only.

leave it turned off and just add it to your downwind checks. - "turn on AOA Audio"
Funny how the simpler issue in the thread title about tube size has not been addressed...

Tube size will not have any effect on the pressure from one end to the other. In an extreme case it can affect the flow rate; therefore the speed at which a pressure change at one end will affect the pressure detected at the other, but it would have to be a mighty small tube or a rapid change in pressure to make a difference.
Thanks boxkite; that was my understanding.
As a proof of just that, the pitot on my Jodel is tiny in diameter. Probably half that of a drinking straw, while a friend's is quite clearly a bit of 15mm copper pipe.
Both obviously work ok.
I'm going to use small pipe as it lighter and I'm hoping to avoid hoovering up water as the sensor apparently doesn't like that.
I don't fly in the rain so it might last. Who knows?
The holes in my wing upper and lower skin for the AFS AoA are very small. And the top one has a drain to it.

On the rest of the thread. There is a display that turns on when slower than the cruise AoA and a verbal warning just before the stall. I would like the display to be bigger. But I don’t like the idea of continuous bleeping .

AoA is a great bit of kit.