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Those two videos are quite informative; thanks for posting (other manufacturer's videos are also available :D ). In the second video, with the nosewheel version, I'm sure a rotating prop would contact the ground and potentially cause other issues. I assume that the FARs ( for the drop test) don't include such an eventuality.

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Hey All,

Have had to work away all week and only got back today. Thanks for all your posts. I was reading them over the week and they helped confirm I've been sadly right to walk away from the aircraft. Am gutted though.

More research on the u/c construction revealed it was designed to absorb quite a lot of twisting motion without actually staying twisted post-event. Therefore, to actually have to repair a visible twist me more concerned what else copped it in the numerous welds elsewhere in the fuselage (the RV sacrificial bolt is an excellent idea). Inspection panels were scant and a replaced area of fabric wasn't in evidence either.

Add to the mix the aircraft has sat on the ground for many years in less than ideal conditions, it really was too risky for me to go forward with.

Once again, thank you all.