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By HarriL
Hi all,

I am considering a Trail. Why is the MTOW 520kg in the UK and not 590kg like in other countries? 70kg is quite a big difference..
By Thumper
I've been struggling with exactly the same thing when looking at a possible kit purchase.

The Mk.2 MAUW has been raised to 544kg due to new internal wing engineering stuff when using the Rotax engine. In that configuration you could comfortably fly 2 85kg adults plus 42kg (60litres) of fuel and not worry at busting your insurance.

I concluded 520kg on the Mk1 is really too prohibitive unless your machine is 300kg when empty. I suspect the LAA chose to reduce all UK versions from 600kg building in extra safety but it does seriously hamper the desirability of the machine, especially the Mk1's.

With either version, 2 up plus fuel, the capability of carrying light (it will have to be) touring kit sadly etc isn't there. Which is a great shame, given the Trail sells itself as a utility aeroplane.

Looking on AFORS, there is one Mk2 being built stating MAUW of 560kg. I have no idea how they got this figure provisionally agreed.
By HarriL
Do you know what the difference in the wing structure is to increase the MUW to 544kg? Could the Mk1 wing be upgraded easily? Due to lack of time to build I have been considering buying a used one. Obviously that would mean a Mk1 at least for the time being. For some reason the MAUW of the LSA version in the US is 590kg (1300lb) and not the full 600kg (1320lb). On the US distributor website they say gross weight has been increased to 1320lb now due to the addition of jury struts. I have not seen any pictures with jury struts though..
By Thumper
As far as I understood from my research, it's not as easy as retro fitting the wings. It's also linked to (I have no idea why) climb rate using those wings (engine ability must surely come into play then). Reading between the lines, you can go through all the effort, do the testing, submit results to LAA yet still have them not be comfortable signing them off for 544kg. In other words, the whole process could be a financial risk. very annoying indeed.