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By tbm700
Hi Guys and Gals.

I have discovered that the battery on our groups Robin DR 400 is now of the Norwegian Blue Parrot type. Similar to that found in the Monty Python sketch. The parrot that is, not the battery. :D

Anyway, with the demise of Airworld and the forthcoming birth of Sandalwood, who have bought their stock, I can't so far, obtain a battery. Does anyone out there know where I can get one? Sandalwood, according to a voice mail on the old Airworld number, doesn't come into business until the 15 Jan.

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By stevelup
Pretty much anywhere? Transair etc.

Based on past experience, I'd suggest looking at Concorde rather than Gill - they are much better.

Our maintenance folks supplied ours at a very competitive price (cheaper than I could find it anywhere on the internet) so it might be worth speaking to yours.
By damhead
Plus one for Concord good battery which holds its charge for a long time. If one of there extra cranking power is available for your aircraft it is well worth the extra cost the difference is very noticeable. Look for part number ending XC think I got mine from Transair.
By sleepy weasel
Sorry, I meant the battery you get from CEAPR part number 61-18-17-010 which I think was the one the OP was referring to as hard to get - it is a VARTA motorbike battery with the labels changed (and a few quid put on the price). The problem with fitting a Concorde or Gill is that you have to change the terminals and modify the battery box as they are different shapes.