A place where members of the forum community can offer their non aviation services, a way of helping each other out, or making sure that when you pay for a product or service that some of it might get spent on flying! This is a community service, so if you register just to sell your service or product you can expect to get donked.
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By penguin
If you're got a website already or you're looking to start a new one, I'd like to offer a discount to all fellow flyer members - you can use the discount code FLYER for a 20% discount on any of the shared hosting accounts on our website - http://www.penguin-uk.com. This means that you can have your website hosted for as little as £7.99 per year! All of our services are provided in-house with no overselling of any services, fully UK based staff with telephone support available as well. If you have any custom requirements too, let me know and I'll see what we can do for you.