A place where members of the forum community can offer their non aviation services, a way of helping each other out, or making sure that when you pay for a product or service that some of it might get spent on flying! This is a community service, so if you register just to sell your service or product you can expect to get donked.
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By shortstripper
I've just secured a workshop and can offer my services to permit aircraft owners. I'm not an LAA inspector but can repair woodwork (subject to a repair plan and inspectors say so) and do traditional covering to a high standard. I have many years of experience as an LAA builder, and have re-covered several airframes. My experience is mainly in wood and doped fabrics such as Ceconite, Dacron and Diatex.

This isn't my main area of work, but I can devote two weeks per month to it, so can get most jobs done in good time.

Please email for my number if you wish to discuss. I can provide references privately for work already carried out.