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By FlyingPanda
Whether you are considering franchising your business or are already an established franchisor, we will provide you with the best advice and guidance, tailored to meet your short, medium and long term aims. As the UK’s largest and most respected firm of franchise consultants the Howarth Franchising Group have become the first choice advisors to prospective and practising franchisors in all industry sectors.

It is said that almost any business that can be run as a branch network can be franchised - that's not necessarily true, but if your business is suitable you could grow your network much more quickly and establish your brand using other people's money and enthusiasm by franchising your business.

[b]Should I Franchise My Business? [/b]

Using our own model of “franchiseability”, we have developed a Five-Star Franchising Checklist, in order to ensure the basic requirements are met before we recommend franchising your business. These comprise:

[list:296e80f5d6]• A business which is proven to be successful in an established format, with a defined system, and a distinctive name and appearance
• A business which is easily duplicated - which means it can be set up in a sufficient number of locations to create a network which is manageable and profitable
• A business which can be easily learned in a reasonable period of time by someone with the required knowledge, skills and attitude to fit the desired franchisee profile
• A business which creates sufficient profits to satisfy both the franchisor and the franchisee
• A business which has, or can adapt to, a culture of mutual support and trust and in which the franchisor recognises their responsibilities to assist appropriately qualified people to create and operate businesses using a common brand and system[/list:u:296e80f5d6]

If the above prompts you into thinking "That's me, but how do I go about franchising my business?" you will need qualified professional advice from experienced franchise consultants.

For further information, either visit our website at www.howarthfranchising.com or contact me personally via steve@howarthfranchising.com