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Oban (EGEO)

PostPosted:Fri Apr 08, 2016 10:27 am
by Iceman
A friendly airfield right next to the sea on the west coast of Scotland. A north - south runway which can be particularly useful if you need to divert from somewhere like Glenforsa when there is a vicious southerly. The airfield offers a landing loyalty card for a particular aircraft registration whereby your fifth landing is free.

Fuel on the field is courtesy of Paul Keegan (jammie dodger man) at Total Logistics Ltd. He will offer you a friendly, efficient service with tea / coffee and jammie dodgers thrown in.

Oban offers a wash down service (a hose pipe :D) if you happen to have been to Barra beforehand.

PPR by telephone.

Iceman 8)

Re: Oban (EGEO)

PostPosted:Tue May 23, 2017 4:57 pm
by joe-fbs
Included Oban in our tour of north west Scotland originally only to refuel but spent three nights there after failing to find a hotel room at Plockton. Very nice airfield with helpful staff, nearly flew past it arriving from the west. Slightly intimidating approach onto 19 with the big hill looming to the north.

We stayed at the Wide-mouthed Frog which is between the airport and the town. Nice rooms, good beer and acceptable food. Castle and marine research centre (with cafe and visitor centre) a short walk away. Four miles out of Oban town so needs a bus or taxi.

If you were just doing a quick night-stop it might be worth looking at hotels in Connel. Staying longer it is probably worth looking in Oban town.

Re: Oban (EGEO)

PostPosted:Tue May 23, 2017 5:55 pm
by Paul_Sengupta
It might be worth going into town anyway, even for one night, there's a reasonable selection of restaurants and it's nice to walk around the harbour and up to McCaig's Tower.

It isn't far in a taxi, though the bus goes all around the houses, literally. If you catch the bus *from* the airport, I'd suggest going out to the bus stop on the main road or they won't see you to stop. Coming back, you just tell the driver you want to go to the airport and they'll drop you off at the bus stop at the terminal.

Re: Oban (EGEO)

PostPosted:Tue May 23, 2017 6:55 pm
by malcolmfrost
George Street Fish and Chips restaurant is excellent!

Re: Oban (EGEO)

PostPosted:Wed May 24, 2017 8:12 am
by A le Ron
I can recommend Ee-usk on the waterfront for sea food.

Re: Oban (EGEO)

PostPosted:Wed May 24, 2017 8:58 am
by joe-fbs
Indeed, we ate there with another forumite on Monday.

Re: Oban (EGEO)

PostPosted:Wed May 24, 2017 11:55 am
by joe-fbs
A couple of late items:
1. Wide Mouthed Frog drove us to the airport for no extra charge and would have collected us on arrival if there had been no taxis.
2. Very helpful refueller at Oban. He even offered tea and shelter in his cabin.

Re: Oban (EGEO)

PostPosted:Wed May 24, 2017 12:55 pm
by Paul_Sengupta
joe-fbs wrote:2. Very helpful refueller at Oban. He even offered tea and shelter in his cabin.

What about Jammy Dodgers?

Re: Oban (EGEO)

PostPosted:Sat May 27, 2017 4:31 pm
by flybymike
Rumour on the dark side that Oban and other Argyle and Bute airfields will no longer accept out of hours arrivals from aircraft owned by limited companies, "in case they are commercial operations."

Many private aircraft are owned by limited companies as are club rentals, and presumably privately owned aircraft are also used for commercial operations.

Sounds like another bizarre rule invented for the fun of it.

Is this mandated officially anywhere?

Re: Oban (EGEO)

PostPosted:Sun Jul 23, 2017 6:47 pm
by Pete L
Oban refueller said they couldn't give fuel before 1000 local - limited by the opening hours. Worth a check if up that way.