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Last updated: 2nd February 2017

03/10/2015£1.80Sleap (EGCV)
03/10/2015£1.80Wellesbourne (EGBW)
01/12/2016£1.78White Waltham (EGLM)
01/09/2015£1.70Old Warden (EGTH)
03/10/2015£1.70Shobdon (EGBS)
02/02/2017£1.66Henstridge (EGHS)Image
01/12/2016£1.66Wolverhampton/Halfpenny Green (EGBO)Image
08/04/2016£1.65Compton Abbas (EGHA)
01/12/2016£1.63Gloucestershire (EGBJ)Image[12]
05/07/2016£1.60Manchester/Barton (EGCB)Image[4]
21/01/2016£1.58Popham (EGHP)Image[14]
25/06/2016£1.58Turweston (EGBT)Image[13]

[4] Price valid for calendar month
[12] Discount for AOPA members
[13] Free landing with 60 litres or more
[14] Available via self serve credit card whilst airfield is open (up to 8pm local when daylight permits)