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By ChrisGazzard

I've taken the liberty of putting our most recent price check taken on 15th November by phone into the usual format. Maybe one of the mods can copy into the main table?

15/11/2018£1.98Fairoaks (EGTF)Image
15/11/2018£1.98Shoreham (EGKA)Image
15/11/2018£1.97Oxford (EGTK)Image
15/11/2018£1.92Biggin Hill (EGKB)Image
15/11/2018£1.92Goodwood (EGHR)Image
15/11/2018£1.92Isle of Wight Sandown (EGHN)Image[10]
15/11/2018£1.92Wycombe Air Park/Booker (EGTB)Image
11/12/2018£1.89Elstree (EGTR)Image
15/11/2018£1.86Gloucestershire (EGBJ)Image[3][5]
11/12/2018£1.84Compton Abbas (EGHA)Image
11/12/2018£1.81Thruxton (EGHO)Image
11/12/2018£1.78White Waltham (EGLM)Image[7]
01/12/2018£1.75Redhill (EGKR)Image
11/12/2018£1.74Kemble (EGBP)Image
12/12/2018£1.73Blackbushe (EGLK)Image[11]
11/12/2018£1.70Enstone (EGTN)Image
11/12/2018£1.70Popham (EGHP)Image[10]

[1] Discount for AOPA members
[2] Free landing fee with fuel uplift (60L / single, 80L / twin)
[3] Discounted landing fee with fuel uplift (50L / single, 100L / twins)
[4] Price valid for calendar month
[5] Plus additional % for Credit Cards
[6] Member rate
[7] Free landing with fuel uplift (50l)
[8] Available H24
[9] Refuelling by prior arrangement 07990 511 200
[10] Self-service
[11] Discounted landing fee with fuel uplift of 30L
[16] 4p/litre discount for flying club members with full membership
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