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By ChrisGazzard
Iceman wrote:
ChrisGazzard wrote:10/04/2019 Blackbushe (EGLK) £1.69 inc for 100LL and for UL91

You kept that increase quiet from the locals.

Iceman 8)

Actually, no we emailed it to 917 people on our list, at 13:30 on 10th April included with our announcement about UL91.

You received and opened said email at 19:28 that evening and again on the 12th at 21:24 and 23:55. :P
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By T67M
Maybe you just missed it in the 3 pages of updates. I might have a try at folding all those updates into the main table if I can work out how the table itself is created!
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By Iceman
Not this time. We explored the whole of Mull on the Sunday and then went to EE-Usk in Oban for lunch on the Monday before heading south.

Iceman 8)
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