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United Kingdom Image
Last updated: 12th April 2017

01/03/2017£2.32Inverness (Flying Club) (EGPE)Image
01/04/2017£1.98Newtownards (EGAD)Image
23/01/2017£1.92Carlisle (EGNC)Image
03/03/2017£1.91Blackbushe (EGLK)Image
20/03/2017£1.80Glasgow (EGPF)Image
03/02/2017£1.80Perth/Scone (EGPT)Image
12/04/2017£1.79Bodmin Airfield (EGLA)
02/04/2017£1.79Goodwood (EGHR)Image
15/03/2017£1.75Coventry (EGBE)Image
12/03/2017£1.75Exeter (EGTE)Image[4]
20/01/2017£1.73Old Sarum (EGLS)Image
16/01/2017£1.72Redhill (EGKR)Image
01/03/2017£1.70Earls Colne (EGSR)
03/04/2017£1.70Henstridge (EGHS)Image
10/03/2017£1.70Stapleford (EGSG)Image
07/04/2017£1.70Welshpool (EGCW)Image
12/04/2017£1.69North Weald (EGSX)Image
01/04/2017£1.69Oxford (EGTK)Image
04/02/2017£1.68Dunkeswell (EGTU)Image[16]
01/04/2017£1.67Gloucestershire (EGBJ)Image[3][5]
16/01/2017£1.65Old Buckenham (EGSV)Image[6]
24/02/2017£1.65Popham (EGHP)Image
30/01/2017£1.65Wellesbourne (EGBW)Image
16/01/2017£1.632Manchester/Barton (EGCB)Image[4]
16/01/2017£1.61Shobdon (EGBS)Image
03/04/2017£1.61Thruxton (EGHO)Image
16/01/2017£1.60Wolverhampton/Halfpenny Green (EGBO)Image
04/03/2017£1.59Bagby (EGNG)Image
15/03/2017£1.49Blackpool Airport (EGNH)
26/03/2017£1.32Nottingham (EGBN)Image[7]
26/03/2017£1.32Retford/Gamston (EGNE)Image
20/03/2017£1.06Jersey (EGJJ)Image
16/01/2017£1.00Guernsey (EGJB)Image[1]

Updates before 12/01/2017

30/08/2016£2.29Stornoway (EGPO)Image
04/09/2016£2.00Beccles (EGSM)
08/04/2016£1.98Oban (EGEO)Image
08/01/2016£1.94Bournemouth (EGHH)Image
23/11/2016£1.94Bristol (EGGD)Image[4][8]
23/06/2016£1.94Southend (EGMC)Image[4][8]
23/06/2016£1.91Pembrey (EGFP)
23/11/2016£1.90Andrewsfield (EGSL)
25/04/2016£1.87Aberdeen (EGPD)Image
23/06/2016£1.80Dundee (EGPN)
27/06/2016£1.80Wick (EGPC)
23/11/2016£1.79Prestwick (EGPK)Image
23/06/2016£1.76Durham Tees Valley (EGNV)
31/03/2016£1.76Elstree (EGTR)
08/01/2016£1.73Peterborough/Conington (EGSF)Image
08/01/2016£1.72Leicester (EGBG)Image
08/01/2016£1.70Duxford (EGSU)Image
08/01/2016£1.70Lee on Solent (EGHF)Image[9]
23/06/2016£1.70Newcastle (EGNT)
23/06/2016£1.70Rochester (EGTO)Image
31/03/2016£1.69Denham (EGLD)
23/11/2016£1.69White Waltham (EGLM)Image
01/09/2016£1.67Headcorn (EGKH)Image
29/12/2015£1.67Lydd (EGMD)
15/08/2016£1.65Shoreham (EGKA)Image
24/07/2016£1.64Kemble (EGBP)Image
03/08/2016£1.61Northampton/Sywell (EGBK)Image
23/11/2016£1.60Sherburn-in-Elmet (EGCJ)Image
17/07/2016£1.58Compton Abbas (EGHA)
08/01/2016£1.57Wycombe Air Park/Booker (EGTB)Image
17/07/2016£1.56Biggin Hill (EGKB)Image[10]
23/11/2016£1.56Breighton (EGBR)Image
08/04/2016£1.56Fairoaks (EGTF)Image
23/08/2016£1.56Isle of Wight/Sandown (EGHN)Image
08/01/2016£1.55Old Warden (EGTH)Image
08/04/2016£1.54Derby (EGBD)
25/04/2016£1.54Sleap (EGCV)Image
04/07/2016£1.51Tatenhill (EGBM)Image
01/03/2016£1.50Cranfield (EGTC)
25/05/2016£1.48Turweston (EGBT)Image
28/04/2016£1.47Haverfordwest (EGFE)Image[2]
23/11/2016£1.14Alderney (EGJA)Image

[1] Discount for AOPA members
[2] Free landing fee with fuel uplift (60L / single, 80L / twin)
[3] Discounted landing fee with fuel uplift (50L / single, 100L / twins)
[4] Price valid for calendar month
[5] Plus additional % for Credit Cards
[6] Member rate
[7] Free landing with fuel uplift (50l)
[8] Available H24
[9] Refuelling by prior arrangement 07990 511 200
[10] Self-service
[16] 4p/litre discount for flying club members with full membership
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By Satcop
Iceman wrote:I suspect that the Redhill entry in the above list is wrong (possibly £1.62) or are they having a 'closing down' sale :pale: ?

Iceman 8)

I think someone has quoted the Jet A1 price. Current AVGAS price is 1.72 inc VAT.
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By Iceman
ChrisT wrote:Rang Durham Tees-Valley a few days ago - avgas £1.60 a litre

Chris, is that a VAT-exclusive rate, otherwise it seems pretty attractive ?

Iceman 8)
By James Joseph
Satcop wrote:For some reason the Redhill update I posted has disappeared.

01/03/2017 £1.62 Redhill (EGKR) (-)

I remove posts when I have updated the table.

It seems my edit of the table didn't quite go through.

Thank you for the update!
By ChrisT
Iceman wrote:
ChrisT wrote:Rang Durham Tees-Valley a few days ago - avgas £1.60 a litre

Chris, is that a VAT-exclusive rate, otherwise it seems pretty attractive ?

Iceman 8)

Sorry I'm not sure as I didn't get fuel, but the other prices they gave for for landing, handling and parking were ex-vat. I had assumed it was inclusive of vat until now!
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Jetblu wrote:I see that my post updating EGSX fuel price has been deleted today and the league table amended.

Is Gamstons Avgas really £1.32 p/l inclusive of VAT?

In theory the posts should get deleted once the price has made it to the league table. Will take a look at Gamston.