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Andrewsfield (EGSL) has PC access, it also has WiFi but I believe this is members only.
Bagby (wi-fi & PC access)
Beccles (wi-fi & PC access)
Biggin Hill (in Terminal)
Blackbushe (in cafe)
Bodmin (Cornwall Flying Club has wifi, logging-in instructions on the Noticeboard.)
Bourn (ask instructor for key)
Breighton (wi-fi & PC access)
Carlisle EGNC Free Guest WIFI (Operations and Café)
Compton Abbas Airfield (Free PC access in Crew Room & free wi-fi access)
Cranfield (an unsecured network)
Deanland (Outdoor coverage across field)
Denham (in the crew room cafe)
Dundee (wi-fi & PC access)
Dunkeswell (free wi-fi access in the flying club and also in the new restaurant)
Durham Tees Valley (from Weston Aviation in the Aviation Business Centre)
Duxford (EGSU) site-wide, courtesy of the IWM.
Elstree (in aeroclub)
Enstone Flying Club (PC available for Briefings, and Free WiFi)
Exeter Terminal (also free at ASW)
Fairoaks (in cafe)
Fife (difficult to find the wi-fi though)
Full Sutton. Free but slow due to the location miles from the exchange.
Glenforsa (in hotel)
Gloucestershire (free wi-fi in the Terminal & in the Aviator pub/restaurant, or a PC in flight briefing area)
Halfpenny Green (wi-fi & PC access)
Hawarden (in the Chocks Away Diner, now open at weekends for a trial period, 7 days a week)
Kemble In and around AV8 Restaurant (possible to access from the Tower Apron if parked close enough!)
Kirkwall (BT Openzone)
Laddingford, Kent. Get the password when you PPR
Little Snoring (wi-fi and PC free)
Lydd (in cafe area)
Manchester Barton (Free wi-fi within 'Runway26' Cafe/Bar and at the Control Tower)
Netherthorpe (Phoenix)
North Weald
Northampton (Sywell) (In Aviator Restaurant/Hotel)
Nottingham (PC access in flight briefing, possible wi-fi (if you ask nicely!))
Oaksey Park (Free WiFi + Planning PC)
Old Sarum (PC access for briefing, wi-fi in Skies cafe)
Pembrey (free in the cafe, code on the wall.)
Perranporth (WiFi code from the tower)
Perth (in Scottish Aero Club)
Peterborough Sibson
Popham (wifi generally available in clubhouse, not just on pilots' room pc).
Priory Farm LAA Breckland Strut hut
Redhill (Free WiFi available at the Cafe, the Tower and Pilot's Hub).
Rochester (Free WiFi in both the base of the tower and the Cafe.)
Ronaldsway IOM (in Terminal)
Rufforth (wi-fi in East & West sides)
Sandown Isle of Wight (EGHN)
Sherburn EGCJ FREE wifi even on the apron (password "swordfish"), pilot briefing computer (with AFPEX/SkyDemon) and wireless printer
Shobdon EGBS (in the cafe no password required, sometimes a bit slow.)
Shoreham (free WiFi in the terminal (password = confetti), plus PC internet access in terminal briefing room plus fuelling briefing room (next door to municipal hangar. Also, "Flying Time" - no wi-fi, but web access through their PC)
Sleap (wi-fi & PC access)
Southend (in the FBO & in the Terminal; PC access in the FBO)
Stapleford EGSG has two wi-fi set-ups. One in reception is restricted to the Reception staff and they don't hand out the password. The one for general use is in the bar/clubhouse and the password is written on a piece of paper stuck to the till behind the bar ! It is called SFC_Guest.
Stornoway (BT Openzone)
Sywell (In Aviator Restaurant/Hotel)
Tatenhill (ESFC Clubhouse)
Tibenham (in the clubhouse. Should be available from nearby if the club is closed - no password required).
Turweston (in the club/cafe area; also PC in the tower)
Wellesbourne (PC in tower briefing room and wi-fi password on request from the tower)
Welshpool PC access, wi-fi (access code is posted on the noticeboard just inside the entrance door)
White Waltham (in bar/restaurant)
Wickenby (in the cafe, no password required).
Wycombe Air Park (wi-fi and PC access in Airways Flying Club)


Abbeville LFOI : free in clubhouse pilots room
Agen LFBA (via SFR €8/hr)
Ajaccio LFKJ expect €7/hr
Angers LFJR (free)
Aurillac LFLW (in flying club (and its bar/restaurant, open to non-members)
Avignon-Caumont LFMV in terminal (via Orange) €5/h see here
Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg LFSB (via SFR) €8/hr. Buy an access card at the 'Relay' shop, departure level, hall 2 or pay with a plastic card (with a pin)
Bastia LFKB : in terminal, free
Beauvais LFOB via Orange ( €5/hr)
Bergerac LFBE in terminal bar-restaurant ' l'Escale ', free for customers
Béziers LFMU (via Orange) €5/hr
Biarritz LFBZ (via Orange) €5/hr
Bordeaux-Mérignac LFBD (free)
Bordeaux Saucats LFCS : Free wifi at the "Bureau de Piste". Connection: Freebox_CABLS (password displayed in the window)
Caen LFRK : everywhere free in terminal
Calais LFAC : free wifi in restaurant + PC access in flight briefing room
Calvi LFKC : in terminal, free. click on 'Autres services'.
Cannes LFMD : in terminal; free; ask for free access code at information desk
Carcassonne LFMK : free in terminal
Châteauroux-Déols LFLX: free in terminal (pilots room)
Chavenay LFPX: possibly in some flying clubs (free) if you ask nicely. Aéro-Club Jean Bertin
Cherbourg LFRC (free)
Clermont-Ferrand LFLC (via Hub Telecom) €10/hr
Colmar-Houssen LFGA : free in terminal
Deauville LFRG (password from restaurant staff (1st Floor)
Figari LFKF : in terminal, free. Contact information desk
Gap LFNA free, if you ask nicely at Parachutisme Center NB:Para center bar/restaurant open to non-members.
La Baule LFRE (free for customers in bar/restaurant " le Jazz volant" on the airfield)
La Mole LFTZ (aka Saint Tropez airport) : in terminal, free
Lannion LFRO (ask for a free access card at Air France desk)
Le Castellet LFMQ : in terminal, free
Le Touquet LFAT (wi-fi & PC access)
Lille-Lesquin LFQQ (via Hub Telecom) €10 per hour. See here and here. Buy an access card at the 'Relay' shop (opening hours 05:30-22:00 local), between domestic arrivals and information desk, in terminal level 2.
Limoges LFBL (via SFR) €8/hr
Mende LFNB (free in airfield bar/restaurant)
Megeve LFHM free wifi
Metz-Nancy-Lorraine LFJL (via Orange) €5/hr. click on 'Services sur place'
Montargis LFEM free
Montpellier-Méditerranée LFMT (via Hub Telecom) €10/hr
Nantes LFRS ((via Orange) €5/hr)
Niort LFBN : in terminal, free
Pau LFBP (via TLC mobil) free
Perpignan LFMP (via Hub Telecom) €10/hr
Pontoise LFPT free if you ask nicely at the Aéro-club Hispano-Suiza. NB: H.S. club restaurant open to non-members (see website)
Reims-Prunay LFQA free at bar-restaurant-hotel 'L'Escale' (customers only)
Rennes LFRN, €4/ 1/2 hr, €6/hr. Ask for an access code at information desk
Strasbourg-Entzheim LFST (via Hub Telecom) €10/hr. Buy an access card at the 'Relay' shop in terminal
Tarbes-Lourdes LFBT: (via Orange) 5e /h ... .html#wifi
Toulouse-Francazal LFBF : free in terminal :
Troyes (Ask at reception for password)
Vannes LFRV: in terminal, free, ... ccueil.php
Vinon LFNF: Free access, no password, courtesy of the local gliding club (AAVA Vinon)


Abu Dhabi
Ballenstedt, EDCB (password from ATC)
Copenhagen Kastrup EKCH (access via boingo subscription)
Frankfurt EDDF (access point 'Telekom', PAYG with CC)
Göteborg Säve ESGP (at the blue club house, ask a member for the password or borrow the club's briefing computer).
Graz LOWG (free wifi in terminal)
Lelystad EHLE (free wifi in The Pilot Shop and internet access).
Midden Zeeland EHMZ
Munich EDDM (access point 'telekom', PAYG with CC)
Orlando Intl.
Texel EHTX (ask tower for password).
By PaulB
Coventry has wifi access at the aeroclub
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By foxmoth
Miami, JFK, Boston and Las Vegas all have wifi in the terminal as do Manchester, Glasgow and LGW, all give a limited time free, not really GA fields , but as you are including places like Abu Dhabi and Frankfurt!