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By FlyingPanda
Thought I'd mention the extremely friendly and helfpul reception I received when flying into Fairoaks on Friday to visit relatives. I had been slightly concerned about the surrounding airspace, given that you're threading your way between Heathrow and Farnborough whilst keeping above a Danger Area and below the London TMA, but Farnborough were extremely helpful and on the ball.

Landing at Fairoaks we were greeted with a warm "Welcome to Fairoaks" on the RT from the FISO, very clearly and helpfully directed to the parking and we opened the doors to a nicely relaxed and friendly atmosphere. High-Viz vests seemed to be noticable by their absence. We paid £10 + VAT landing fee, and the parking worked out at (IIRC) £12.50 a night.

I understand that getting into London from here by train is quite quick and easy (although we were picked up by my brother, and I can't gurantee he'll provide that service to everyone). We stayed for two nights, and on our return the tower directed the fuel truck to go and fill us, radioing the amount through so that we could pay it all on one bill before we departed. The fuel was pricey though at £1.71 a litre inc VAT) but you can't have everything.

Cafe was good, if heaving, on Sunday morning, and we walked around looking at things ranging from a Cub to a TBM700 (or maybe an 850, all a bit out of my league anyway).

FISO gave us a good briefing before departure (I had read up on this, but never hurts to have some additional local info). (Squawk 0457 so that Farnborough can see you, head out on a track of 240 and remain below 1300 feet until you've spoken to Farnborough - simples).

In reality, not at all daunting and a great way to visit relatives in Surrey - assuming you have some.
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By Timothy
As a long time Fairoaks user I agree with all that, but it was not ever thus, they have had some very bleak regimes operating in the past.

They are now great.
By chevvron
nimbusj15 wrote:Is it true that there will be staff shuttle between Fairoaks and Craven Cottage?

Well we go by train at the moment but I'm in the process of acquiring an alternative means of transport.
By chevvron
By the way I have to admit I wasn't on duty on this particular friday and sunday, but those who were are aware of this thread.
By chevvron
Going by the lack of 'remarks' about Fairoaks for over 12 months, are we to assume everyone is happy?
By chevvron
Charles Hunt wrote:Other than the price of fuel.......

Unfortunately Fairoaks Airport Ltd have no control over what they're charged by the supplier, and they certainly can't afford to sell it on at a loss. Why not take a leaf out of the book of the flight centre and get a diesel engine? Jet fuel is half the cost of AVGAS with a lower VAT rate too. :)
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By Charles Hunt
chevvron wrote:
Charles Hunt wrote:Other than the price of fuel.......

Unfortunately Fairoaks Airport Ltd have no control over what they're charged by the supplier, and they certainly can't afford to sell it on at a loss.

True, but I would expect fairoaks to be competitive with say Redhill at £1.79, or White Waltham at £1-68.
By chevvron
As usual for this time of year, the bowsers cannot go on the grass areas so all refuelling has to be done on a hard surface.
Everybody should note the 'standard' departure altitude when Farnborough rwy 24 ILS traffic is in the pattern is now 'not above alt 1400ft', and there is a new configuration to Farnborough CAS(T) for Royal Flights as notified in AIC
Yellow 071/2011
By chevvron
Expect increased helicopter activity from 5 Mar. On that date, Starspeed will move their base in from Blackbushe, meantime a new flying school (Heliair) has replaced the now defunct Alan Mann Helicopters school.
By chevvron
Bowser re-fuelling available on the grass again.
By chevvron
Queens Jubilee Flypast
The intended route of this passes in such close proximity to Fairoaks that it has been decided to close the airfield temporarily between 0930 and 1130 UTC on sat 19 May.
AIC Mauve 041/2012 and NOTAM J1623 refer.
By chevvron
wef 19 Jun until 22 Jun, Ascot Helicopter departures will pass about 2nm west of Fairoaks southbound so keep a good lookout if you're departing via Knaphill.
The recent fuel problems have been resolved at lower prices than before.
The airport is now operated by 'Fairoaks Operations Ltd' not 'Fairoaks Airport Ltd'.