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By Merlin83b
Mrs83b is originally from Beverley, so over the weekend we flew there to say hello to the in-laws and spend the night.

The British National Paramotor Championships were on at the field, NOTAMed and mentioned on the PPR phone call. Lots of them around, but not a problem.

Beverley is home to Hull Aero Club, who have all the details you would need on their website:

710m of well cut grass. Not billiard table smooth, but no trouble in the Commander so there are plenty of aircraft that wouldn't struggle at all.

We landed, I said hello to the A/G radio man in the clubhouse and then took mother in law, one of her friends and her 10 year old daughter up for a quick flight around the town, giving them the grins we pilots are capable of giving - not a bad result for them given they were just out for a family bike ride! The clubhouse was nice and busy, although I don't know how much of that can be attributed to the paramotors. Plenty of food coming out and a great atmosphere on a lovely sunny day.

Another landing and parked up outside for the night. Departing into a 1,000ft overcast the next day, I went up through and had a sunny VMC on top flight back to Liverpool at 4,000ft. The Leeds controller really wanted to be sure I was allowed in class A before arranging a clearance with Manchester for me. 3 confirmations later and one was sorted.

The fees for 2 landings and overnight parking? £10 :D £5 per landing and £5 to stay overnight but they didn't charge me for the short local flight's landing. Bargain. We'll definitely be back.