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Limoges (LFBL)

PostPosted:Thu Jun 28, 2012 9:20 pm
by timcbr
Can I make a suggestion for France. LFBL Limoges. Set in a gorgeous area with great flying and even has an English speaking flight school. Free landings too.

Re: Limoges (LFBL)

PostPosted:Fri May 17, 2019 4:52 pm
by skydriller
Stopped here as we needed to clear customs somewhere. Available 2hrs PN Monday to Friday or 24hrs / last working day otherwise, this is best arranged by calling the airport ops number in the VAC direct, as the VAC has a douanes fax number (eh? It's the 21st century...) and when I googled the phone number for the douanes and called them direct, they gave me the airport ops number... :roll:

Inbound to Limoge there are VFR reporting points. On Arrival, I was asked how long we planned to stay. They have 4 short term spots next to the fuel pumps., otherwise parking is opposite the hangars. Signs here are used to be able to go direct to the ops office at the terminal from airside, but the increased commercial flights mean that you are now supposed to exit next to the aeroclub then walk up the slope landslide to the terminal, then clear security to get to the ops office and douanes... not a problem unless there happens to be 3x Ryanair flights arriving/departing (tell me how I know!)...Luckily a resident Brit pilot/instructor saw us looking bewildered and steered us past the hoards to get through the above relatively painlessly. Many thanks to Roger, who has taken over from the late Sue Varr, who some forumites may remember :

There is a restaurant/bar with terrace and shop in the terminal. They are apparently quite good but we didn't try them out ourselves.

If stopping for fuel, they have a self service BP card pump. Alternatively ask on shutdown and the fuel guy will come to you and has a credit card machine or takes cash - and we didn't wait long despite the Ryanair flights.

Total Landing fee for a Robin DR400 was 7.18 Euros. 8)

Regards, SD..

Re: Limoges (LFBL)

PostPosted:Tue Sep 17, 2019 5:18 pm
by highfive
I would like to add my appreciation of Limoges as a GA friendly airport.

We were there for 3 days over the weekend so parking was in front of the hangars as described by skydriller. Still, it is only a short walk to the terminal and we were waved straight through and out (it was quite late and the terminal was deserted).

Upon return we were taken to the front of the security queue and our bags quickly scanned - despite long queues and there being both Flybe and Ryanair flights boarding at the time.

Then downstairs past the waiting pax in the departure lounge to the 'Trafic' office. Press the buzzer and through the door to pay. Our fee for a 2.4 tonne twin was 'Atterrissage' 4.6 (including a RNP approach) and 3 days 'Stationnement' 25.76. No VAT.

I would also add that it is worth getting a quote from Buggs Car Hire if you are staying rather than passing through. Their rates seem much better than the bigger players and an order of magnitude better customer service.