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By Final Approach
From the 1st November 2011 Truman Aviation Ltd at Nottingham Airport has had new owners and a new management team.

Whilst we understand that we are not perfect, we have spent considerable time and effort in attempting to improve the customer experience at Nottingham. We would appreciate any feedback from visitors as to how we could attract your repeat business and what you think we could do to improve Nottingham Airport for general aviation as a whole - we're keen to listen. We hope that you notice the changes and that you find us a friendly place to drop in and say hello!

We now offer:

A comfortable club room:


A cafe bar offering a wide range of snacks and drinks:



The cafe is closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, however, we'll be happy to offer you tea and biscuits.

We also have a significantly reduced AVGAS price of £1.96 per litre including VAT and a free landing if you uplift over 50 litres. Likewise, JETA1 fuel is priced at £0.81 + VAT and a free landing fee is offered if you uplift over 100 litres.

We've also written an in-depth pilot briefing on our website for visiting aircraft:

We're hoping to move forward, and we'll do our best to help however we can.
By Bathman
About time too. Nottingham has been need of a face lift for some time. Are the plans for the extended runway and creation of an industrial estate sit on the horizon?
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By Bathman
Any chance of the NDB coming back?

Currenlty using clipstone on 1584
By GAFlyer4Fun
The general impression I have of (recreational) GA in this country is it does not seem to be widely considered a part of the transport infrastructure probably due to the weather dependency.

The airport has quite a lot of potential being so close to the city but does not seem to promote it which could be a missed opportunity. For example the website is for a standalone airport, with flying training, aircraft hire, fuel and maintenance facilities, a cafe...

Consider trying to use the airport website to attract GA visitors to the city and the local countryside rather than just the airport.

What might help is a connection with "what's on" in the city and the local countryside, and how easy it is to get to the various football stadiums, county cricket ground, castle, museums, exhibitions, shopping centres, restaurants, etc etc
and (particularly for day trips or part day trips) an indication of how long it takes to get to those places by taxi, bus, ... and whether it will take longer because Forest or County are playing at home that day ...

Ok, we could get that information from other sources but it all adds to the planning time. Some of us have very busy lives (and retirement age keeps moving to the right....) so the easier/more attractive you can make it for us to choose Nottingham as a destination online for a particular day (weather permitting), the better the chance you have to get us to fly in and use the facilities.

I am sure you will be aware that quite a few recreational flyers choose destinations at short notice due to the weather dependency and the decision is influenced by what is going on at the airfield or nearby that is of interest that particular day (or the following day), and/or it has a favourable runway orientation for the forecast/actual wind direction and favourable enroute weather.
(How about an airport webcam so we can see if the weather conditions are within our licence limits and personal comfort zones).

What are the ambitions for the cafe/bar? Some recreational GA flyers remain within the confines of the destination airfield for a short visit due to time/daylight/weather constraints and will probably want some refreshments. We are being encouraged by the health authorities to eat more healthily and be active to lose weight and reduce cholesterol etc etc so the pictures of the cafe food in your post are probably not encouraging. Unfortunately catering for GA will always be a bit of a nightmare due to the weather dependency. Is it open to the local community?

Finally, if you have Nottingham based pilots that appear to have stopped flying, is it worth asking them if it is for some reason that you might be able to do something about? There could be other reasons other than ongoing negativity from the news media about the economy in UK/Europe...

Good luck.

P.S. I have flown into Nottingham once, but not yet with the current management.
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By Rob P
No mention of wi-fi. Is it available?

Rob P
By Bathman
Why ask for people’s opinions and then not reply to them? Doesn’t install much confidence does it.

Some people took their business elsewhere under the last management. If you showed that you cared and took an interest it might not take that much for some of it to come back.
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By Final Approach

My apologies for not replying sooner, I have been away for a few days. I have read and seen the posts, and very much appreciate the time taken by everybody to give the feedback. Because of that I wanted to be able to formulate a proper and detailed reply, and I simply haven't had the time do that up until now. We certainly do care and value your opinions and feedback.

Are the plans for the extended runway and creation of an industrial estate sit on the horizon?

The development plans were put on hold due to the current climate, however, I have been told that they have recently been resubmitted to the council and are pending approval. I believe that the business park element will be the first stage if the plans go ahead.

Any chance of the NDB coming back?

My colleagues are currently working very hard to bring the NDB back on-line along with the installation of a new set runway lights - this should allow us to offer more flexibility on opening times and bring night flying back to Nottingham.


Thank-you for your feedback, it is certainly something that I will take back with me and discuss with my colleagues. You make a number of very good points.

We're actually very well placed for visiting Nottingham, as we are only a 10 minute taxi ride from the centre. We also have a bus service, albeit only one an hour, from our drive the centre of town. We often have visiting aircraft inbound with people coming to watch the cricket and football; your comments have certainly made us think that perhaps the local area is something we should promote more.

The cafe does offer a number of lighter and more healthy options, however, I'm informed that the full english and the chocolate cake are the two biggest sellers! I personally value my own well-being slightly more and avoid it like the plague, but each to their own... ;)

We have attracted a number of our old customers back, and continue to make an effort to do so. One area that has been sorely lacking at Nottingham for a number of years is a 'social side' to the airport, and that is something that we have been working to improve.

No mention of wi-fi. Is it available?

We have a self-briefing computer available for everybody to use in the flight planning area. We do also have wi-fi available on request, just ask a member of staff for the code.

Should anybody have any questions or comments (good or bad!), please don't hesitate to contact me.
By Bathman
Thank you

I always remember a pretty healthy social scene although things took a turn for the worse when the Tiger Moth closed and without doubt the place lost its way with the last management.

Anyway I wish you the very best for the future and please keep us updated on any future developments however small.
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By Final Approach

Will do.

We'd certainly like to see a healthy social side at Nottingham again and we would value any input from those who were involved in it originally. Watch this space.

Please feel free to drop us a line if you ever feel like visiting, the coffee's on me.
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By Human Factor
I see the Traumahawks are still going strong. I recognise one from my Flying Scholarship in 91!!! :pale:

Shame about G-OATS. Did my first solo in that and someone subsequently bent it rather badly.
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By Final Approach
Hi HF,

The Tomahawks are still going strong, and are currently going through a refurbishment program for the interiors and avionics. We've now got one with a new engine that climbs like it's on steroids!

It was a real shame what happened to G-OATS, but its fuselage lives on in the fire ground.

Please do say hello if you pop in again!