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By joe-fbs
There doesn't seem to be an entry for Cumbernauld so here goes.

A small airfield between Edinburgh and Glasgow. I visited on a weekday afternoon recently. Lots going on including fun flying, commercial helicopters and light passenger aircraft maintenance (Islanders).

Single 820m hard runway open seven days but only office hours.

DME and NDB although no published approaches but the AIP says that in bad weather a missed approach to Edinburgh may be used for a visual arrival at Cumbernauld. I didn't find it as easy to spot from the air as a hard runway usually is, Cumbernauld being sandwiched between the town and hills so having the ADF needle pointing at it helped. The incoming rain didn't help. The heavens opened as we taxied in after a very abbreviated circuit.

A/G radio, very friendly and informal. Staffed intermittently so sometimes it's traffic calls.

Landing fees paid in the tower where there is a computer to check the weather. I don't have the bill with me but the landing fee for a PA28 was about 17 pounds. They only charged me for the arrival landing. I did a local flight with some friends who live nearby and that was free. I'm not sure whether that was general friendliness or because I was flying locals or because it caused me to buy 20 litres of fuel!

Self-service avgas pump.

The cafe was nicely set-up and the scottish breakfast very pleasant. It seemed to be popular with the non-flying locals as well as airport people. Special mention for the helpful woman running the cafe single handed on her first day, very well done. There is also a separate pilots' lounge which is nicely appointed sitting room with vending machines.

We arrived and departed via the Edinburgh side. Inbound, we had a zone transit up the Forth and over the city . That was excellent, thank you Edinburgh ATC. Outbound, Edinburgh ATC was busy so we went around the (circular) zone to the south.

All-in-all a very useful and welcoming airfield surrounded by spectacular scenary (and controlled airspace all around and above).

Apparently, the airfield owner also owns the nearby Thornhill microlight site. That is a reasonable length but we were told that it gets soft when wet (and this is Scotland) so they prefer heavy types like PA28s (!) not to go there.